Hello there,

Young, I received the lovely gift to live in a crazy but creative family.
My russian grandfather was a painter (all about foret landspaces), while my grandmother used to translate texts and documents. My french grandfater could spend hours in his craft garden shed while my grandmother was cooking hand made ‘mayonnaise’.
My mother’s style was to play with fabrics, creating all sorts of new things and clothes.

Because I have to earn money, I did lose that need for creativity, too busy with life.
But the fact is that I need sparkles and creativity in my daily live.
Maybe because creativity is about decisions, I see creativity all over, not only in museum, frames or photographs : every gestures of our lifes demands creativity and courage, the more we cherish that fact, the best our life can be.

Refinding a place where I can be creative is so great these days because internet allows you to connect with so many teachers, ways, ideas.

This blog is devoted to all those insights, a sort of BIG NOTEBOOK ABOUT CREATIVITY IN GENARAL, painting, drawing, photographing, binding, writing, it is about INSPIRATION FOR CRAFTERS AND ARTISTS.

I hope you will forgive my monkey english and enjoy the ride.
Do not hesitate to add a comment : I simply love that.

Lou Ect

ps : if you want to know more about my work and personal blog, visit louEct.com


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