Craft and tools

My grand-fathers used to work in his garage at night. Near his car, was a whole room, full of tools put on walls like treasures. It was a hidden place, his secret garden where the smell of magic could be detected from the garden.
The place shown on that video recalls me his place.


On my personal blog – Don’t throw your old books!


Do you like to throw things? I don’t like it but I need it so I execute to keep a clean house.
Adding guesso coating (this is what you put before paint) on pages of some books I like allows me to keep the book and be fully happy of that. Once the coating is done, I have a brand new sketch book ready to use without being too ‘precious’ or ashamed to waste a blank page and allow me to just try, be crazy and see what is happening (did you ever had a Moleskine that you keep blank because the notebook is just too beautiful? I never do that with my old ready-to-paint books!).
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Have fun