“I Could Do That” – Video

Sometimes I am ashamed on the simplicity of my some of my artwork I like. I can hear the ‘I could do that’ from the heads around. And then a little voice come from the very bottom of my heart : Is everybody can copy some art work in idea? Yes. Will they want to reproduce it? Never. If they try to reproduce it for the fun of it, will it be easy? Because they don’t need to express it, so the work will be puzzling I guess.
Actually I guess those people will produce there own piece of work, wich is relly fine and enough. So let’s all try to reprocuce the blue painting of Barnett Newman
and see what is happening?!

That video is charming!

Craft and tools

My grand-fathers used to work in his garage at night. Near his car, was a whole room, full of tools put on walls like treasures. It was a hidden place, his secret garden where the smell of magic could be detected from the garden.
The place shown on that video recalls me his place.